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  Shengda CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, supporting, located in the southeastern part of Hebei Province, west of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed, the east Bohai Sea, is a research and development, production and sales as one of the large private enterprises.
  The company has strong technical and manufacturing strength, with CNC bending

machine, shearing machine, CNC laser cutting machine, stamping equipment, injection molding machines and other advanced processing equipment more than 50 units, and continue to expand product range to meet various customers requirements. The main production towline series, the work of other series, threading the hose series, protective family, chip series are widely used in CNC machine tools, mechanical equipment, automation equipment, ships, cranes and other fields, and exported to Europe and other developed countries and regions.
  The company has consistently advocated for the first technology, research and development lead the way business ideas, and continuously improving production equipment, improve production technology, is more stable and reliable product quality.
  With the development of market economy, Shengda NC company will continue to pursue the "integrity, innovation" business philosophy, so Shengda CNC machine tool accessory products become the brand of choice for customers, sincerely welcome all our friends!
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